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About Fang Restaurant

The Fang family has been at the forefront of Chinese cuisine in San Francisco since opening their first restaurant, House of Nanking, on Kearny Street in 1988. Not only is our food different from other Chinese restaurants but our approach to Chinese food is also different. Oftentimes, customers will come back and ask for something they had a few months ago and by then we’ll have some other seasonal dish which they will then try. This creates ongoing opportunities for diners to experience our cuisine in a new and inspired way each time.

And if customers want to try something off menu and completely different, both the Chef Peter Fang and his daughter Kathy Fang will go back to the kitchen and whip up something completely different for the customer to enjoy. Our food is experimental, exciting, and new, something that one would not normally associate Chinese food as in the city.

Aside from the food at Fang being unique and different, the experience at Fang is also one that is unique and different. Try to pick any restaurant in Soma or even in all of San Francisco, where the owner/chef comes out every night to greet, entertain, and order for customers. That was what made House of Nanking unique and that is what makes Fang unique as well. People come and not only learn about Peter Fang’s food through eating his creations but also through meeting him and actually experiencing first-hand how much his craft and his customers mean to him.

There are not many restaurants in the city where you can meet the person behind the food every night and by meeting the person behind the food, the experience becomes more personal and more memorable. It’s very important to us at Fang that people see the passion that is involved behind the owners. Fang is a family affair. Mrs. Fang runs House of Nanking and Fang Restaurant is run by Peter Fang and his daughter Kathy Fang. How many restaurants can you name in the city where you can say the owners are there front and center everyday to help cater to your needs and make your experience a memorable one?

We try to make all our dishes based on seasonal products from our local Chinatown markets. We work closely with the local vendors in Chinatown and like to support them as much as possible. We like to keep all our ingredients fresh, local, and seasonal which is why our menu changes quite often. Unlike other Chinese restaurants where the menu stays the same for as long as it’s been open, serving the same sautéed broccoli dish or the same orange chicken dish for the past 10 years, we change our dishes constantly to make things new and exciting for our customers. For example if asparagus is in season, then we serve different asparagus dishes to showcase the asparagus.

We are honored to share our passion for seasonal Chinese cuisine and world class service with you.

Our Team